Terms & Conditions

By using and or visiting this website Cadence-cycle.com, you signify your agreement to the Terms expressed below. Please be aware that Cadence Cycle Inc. reserves the right to alter, change and modify its terms at any time, without prior written notice.


By signing up for classes at Cadence Cycle, you have Agreed that there are certain inherent dangers in indoor cycling and in using its equipment. In consideration of being allowed to participate in the activities and any other programs provided by Cadence Cycle, and to use its facilities and equipment, in addition to the payment of any fee or charge, you hereby waive, release and forever discharge Cadence Cycle, its offices, agents, employees, representatives, executors and all others from any and all responsibility or liability from injuries or damages resulting from my participation in any activities or my use of equipment in the above mentioned activities. I do hereby release all of those mentioned above and any others that maybe effected by this provision.


In order to place a reservation, you must first own a series. To buy a series, you can either signup for an account on cadence-cycle.com and purchase a series online, or if you already have an account click the Buy button, to buy a series and make your reservation.

Standard series enable you to reserve a bike up to 1 weeks in advance.


In order to cancel and remove yourself from a Cadence Cycle class, you must cancel your reservation by 6pm the previous night. Once you cancel a class, the class is returned to your series to be used at a future date; the class is not refunded. Classes not cancelled by 6pm the night before your scheduled class will be charged to your series.

Series Returns

At Cadence Cycle all series sales are final, no refunds for cash or credit will be provided after the purchase of a series. If you choose not to continue your series at Cadence Cycle you are not eligible for a refund. We have multiple package opportunities, if you feel you will not be able to complete a package, you may want to choose one of the smaller packages. We do not transfer rides between clients unless previously stated when creating an account. Family is allowed to share and trasfer rides.