CADENCE is not a workout, it’s a total body experience. It takes the concept of indoor cycling to a completely new level. Every pedal stroke of the ride is both a physical and mental challenge, but in a dance club like environment set to the hottest music. What’s more, CADENCE is not a class, it’s a community of riders sharing a special experience that can’t be found in a typical fitness facility or spin class.

The CADENCE method is the only one of its kind. It was developed and crafted by founder and owner, Yaron Spitzer, a seasoned cyclist, athlete and music enthusiast. Each pedal stroke is matched to pumped up live music that's mixed on the spot. Unique choreography that was developed specifically for the CADENCE method pushes us out of our comfort zones and into EUPHORIA.

The CADENCE never stops, the BEAT never stops, the PARTY never stops!